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ES short term trading 5-6-10

Most of these are being generated from the weekly chart..

57.50 - O/N low , yesterdays afternoon rally point

62-64 - LTP in ON, VA low,PP and POCP

70 - all that volume and VA high

75 - 77 air pocket and R1 ...Magnet ******

85 - 87.50 air pocket and r2

94 - 98 combination of LTP's and HTP

****Gap at 66.25 in O/N data so those reading get short up here at 68.50...most still sleeping so you'll miss this one
[email protected]#[email protected]#$ STOPPED O/N THE SECOND HALF AT 1133.25 LOSS OF ONE... Still looking to buy down h

added at 25.25 key number....
31.25 is the one minute air pocket...JESUS!!!
..i'll say this .i first showed this las t weekend i think .. the 90 day avg is at 1137 and that was a must for any hope of this correction ending! Now that has been achieved.
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hey will notice that the air pockets on the one minute can help us out...especially when we are catching daggers..that 31.25 was the only spot where we had inefficiencies on the one minute time frame everything else overlapped on the one minute even though the 5 minute and 30 minute showed air pockets......

Of course our key 25 number helped ( 00, 25, 50, 75)

37.50 - 40 is air pocket from the 5 minute....reversal bars on the 5 minute have failed miserably today...perhaps this one is different
Hope 1125 sticks Bruce or we go to 1118
sometimes big volume is too obvious and they run out the lows..
on 19.75 ..22.75 is one minute air long ...these are new campaign and quick so not much explaining on exits except they are my originall buy points to cover
on 12.50..that;s a spilt number air at 19 now....whew..kill me now...! I'm sweating
stopped at 10.75...was supposed to fill the air...I'm done...
The real cause(?) for the market crash on May 06, 2010...

Read at Reuters..."Exclusive: Waddell is mystery trader in market plunge"
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