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ES short term trading 5-14-10

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no +ve TICKs thus far - usually i see them by now. this could get ugly pretty fast unless buyers start stepping in.
we are now below weekly lows,dip buyers from earlier this week will bail/liquidate.
I would not buy this market, not even with your money. We are in a down trend today. If goes below the 1140.50 oops just did it! hmmm 1056 is next real support.......failure there then 1003.00 is next.......
44 is breakdown/air pocket...ticks in gutter ..main add on is 35 .25...this is trouble
Originally posted by PAUL9

Kool, I don't know all the abbreviations you use. I tried to research topics you have done, but when I tried to enter was informed I was unauthorized, whatever that means.

If you click on this link first:
and accept the terms it should authorize you to go into Kool's Forum.
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nice air pocket fill into 41.25...but can they getthe rest??
Originally posted by phileo

we are now below weekly lows,dip buyers from earlier this week will bail/liquidate.

Great observation, but they might have dumped to create the L in place, and now, the shorts might be willing to book profits (buy) on any new 5min H>previous bar H.

I don't know, but I do know that I expect volatility and volatility is not a one way street.

no matter what, (bounce intraday or not) you have to see supportive PA.
Originally posted by koolblue

Originally posted by koolblue

Just buying one at the 1140.25 projection.. (wish i had a plan Feng!)

correction my order is at 40.50

well all that matters at the end of the day is who gets more $$ and im pretty sure i know who that is between you and i.
new campaig long from 36..targeting 40 ...peak volume
Originally posted by redsixspeed

Originally posted by BruceM

so it seems my histogram on IB may be wrong...anyone else have a High Volume Histogram price up at 37 that is higher than the volume node at 30 or 31?


Seems your right @ 37.00...I don't use vwap...I know kool says
load it just before open...I forget to load it...LOL

I loaded vwap just before market close = 1136.00
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