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ES short term trading 5-14-10

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Originally posted by rburns

Pls just be careful today and not too stubborn. This was posted earlier and a worthwhile read.

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Posted - 05/14/2010 : 08:45:52
Just a word of caution. I have never seen Terry so negative.

This guy is projecting a re-test of the fat finger crash (1060):
I'm too scared to trade this volatility because I don't want to use such a big stop!
Just on the sidelines for the rest of the day observing this trend day.

- still haven't tagged the declining VWAP
- each -ve TICK extreme produces lower lows
- NYAD pinned to below -2500, no advancers at all
- lots of -ve TICK extremes, no +ve TICK extreme (big players are not covering just yet)

I still think 1126 will be retested at some point today.
The range so far is one handle over the 5 day avg. You would expect a bit more. the 5 min proj down comes at 1122.75 and thats where the boll band is.. tempting
Lets see a nice big air pocket down....into the PV...only one air pocket didn't fill today so fairly efficient selling

Hey was Fridays that was the big gap...

any longs should use the volume at 31.50 as a target

One 1/2 the IB just hit and I'm long off the 25..key number..
best is 30.25 and trying to hold 3..inside current days Value...lets see if 27.50 can hold this up
the Vwapers sold that 30 print..hence my initial exit
took 32.25...last two are either gonna hit 36.50 or get stopped at 25.75....
moment of truth here at 1132.5
+5 point move goes to whoever guesses the correct direction
up to my 36 area...I now...36 is Peak vlume
31.25 is my final...I don't like those lows at 28 area and just noticed them
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Originally posted by BruceM

so it seems my histogram on IB may be wrong...anyone else have a High Volume Histogram price up at 37 that is higher than the volume node at 30 or 31?


Seems your right @ 37.00...I don't use vwap...I know kool says
load it just before open...I forget to load it...LOL

I loaded vwap just before market close = 1136.00