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ES short term trading 5-14-10

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Bruce, what was 32? Friday's H?
all the volume at 38 - 40 that is critical ..stuck inside hour range so I'd be careful..initiating a trade in here..would like a runner to get the O/N low breakdown point...

You guys where trying to scare me....LOL...I'll buy those minus 10 numbers and a 15 minute low break any day from you.....TOO muchtoo soon....just doesn't usually happen and stay down like that in the a.M

air pocket above 41.50 FWIW
We nosed earlier into prior pit session single ticks 28.0-32.75
Yes, we all want to ride the trend and be profitable.

1140.50 was the low on 05/11. The ES just tested it from under as a resistance. The focus now is in the 1.618% at 1120.75, some bouncing and testing there. Failure to find support there then 1104/1103 are the next fib. proj. 2.618%. After a test there, failure will send for a test at 1090.75 support. That was 05/07 low. After a bouncing and testing, failure there then comes the 1062.00 a 4.23% fib. after a test and bouncing there for a bit then comes the 1056.00 low. After a test and bouncing a bit, failure to hold will give us the 1003/1000..........Will see, in due time the market will show us the way.....
To be honest Paul I'll have to look that up later on my other computer that has my MP stuff...I just had them written down on paper so before I tell you something wrong let me get the exact answer
Originally posted by PAUL9

Bruce, what was 32? Friday's H?
it will be interesting to see if we break the hour lows to the downside if it attracts more selling or the fakeout..I'd like to see 11 am close above 37.50 to keep long bias..

weekly pivot is 1121 and hasn't traded yet for those who like the short side
air pocket still above the 41...lets see how you bears do with it
Hey your world of $ticks do you see them trending up??? or am I just justifying my trade
lol Bruce I was watching that 37.5 at 11:00 That was some battle.
a cool battle indeed but it closed bad so I had to close out my two runners there...give me an 5 minute air pocket and I'll take the long off hour breakdown
Originally posted by redsixspeed

Originally posted by BruceM

so it seems my histogram on IB may be wrong...anyone else have a High Volume Histogram price up at 37 that is higher than the volume node at 30 or 31?


Seems your right @ 37.00...I don't use vwap...I know kool says
load it just before open...I forget to load it...LOL

I loaded vwap just before market close = 1136.00
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