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ES short term trading 5-14-10

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if we can keep this low then that 50 - 51 becomes a great target/magnet in RTH as it will be at the O/N midpoint too...key number, stops geared etc...

small long again from 46.25 adds for O/N..49.50 is target
LOL... wish i knew! All we can do is use our work in combination with ideas from others to make our best guess..and then let PA show us the way! As you probably know, im of the opinion that the B leg up has likely ended and this is the C leg down of a typical A-B-C CORRECTION. New highs should follow when it completes.Im just in a pissy mood cause for 2 weeks my scenerios have been dead on, but my trading sucks! Oh, most of the time im making coin, but no where near what it should be , given the accuracy of my ' forecasts'. Thats why i started this thread. I try to learn every day from posters like you, Bruce , CM, Phileo, and all the rest of the mypivots gang.
took loser at 45.75....they are gonna run that 44.25 and I'd prefer to buy lower
Originally posted by BruceM

took loser at 45.75....they are gonna run that 44.25 and I'd prefer to buy lower
yeah, like that 1140 projection or better yet, when they fill that major 'air' from the daily chart at 1134-5
so 46.50 - 48.50 is first real volume bulk for us to watch in RTH.....
long and cautious 46.25...only new lows will add on
followed my plan.
Just buying one at the 1140.25 projection
new campaign long at 41.50
Originally posted by koolblue

Just buying one at the 1140.25 projection.. (wish i had a plan Feng!)

correction my order is at 40.50
Originally posted by redsixspeed

Originally posted by BruceM

so it seems my histogram on IB may be wrong...anyone else have a High Volume Histogram price up at 37 that is higher than the volume node at 30 or 31?


Seems your right @ 37.00...I don't use vwap...I know kool says
load it just before open...I forget to load it...LOL

I loaded vwap just before market close = 1136.00
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