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The MACD Works/ Charts inside.

I use a 610 tick chart, and a 250 tick chart. I have Woodies Pivot points on my charts. I use a SMA 34 and a SMA 100. My MACD is normal 12,26,9. I had woddies CCI on my charts too, but since visiting this site I have removed it, in the hopes of not "seeing everything".

Does anyone know what I mean by that " seeing everything"? I only trade the Russell 2000 and maybe that is why I have not made this work out yet. Instead of being patient, I'm "looking" for trades here, and their, and every where. The real problem is that when I decided that because of the circumstances to modify a rule on the fly, the tragedy is, sometimes I'm right! I think that puts the nail in the coffin. Being right about a trade I should of never taken in the first place is death. Because the next time, the next time, you get wip sawed off your butt.


It does work. Every night I set down and see the same thing, over and over again. If a person just took trades off a 610 tick chart using a 250 tick chart to enter, they would do well. The thing to do is to take trades long or short when the red line is above or below the zero line and rising(see charts). So why am I still sitting here with four blown accounts "looking" for something that works. It's obvious I'm the problem. But what is it that is the problem?

I have alot more to say about this, but I'm tired. I appreciate all posts negative or positive.
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610 tick chart

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250 tick chart
I second your good words Kool...thanks PT...It seems like the Vwap bands might be a good combination with this MACD and the actual Vwap itself.......I like the fact that the rules are simple..Hopefully If I have time later I'll attempt to getthe MACD on my Investor r/t chart.....takes me a while doing new things with software....MP was a small miracle for me....anyway thanks and glad to see ya back posting too Kool
Pt Emini

Yah that was great, I've never actually thought of it in that way before. Now though I can see reflected in my charts. I like the rules about the MACD to, I've never really been able to develop rules around the MACD. I like that rule though, I'm going to use it. Thanks for posting it.

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dont forget the good ole 'Mitten' pattern
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