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ES short term trading 6-29-10

LOL well, i going to start out with a big essay on why i thought we'd see a surprisingly large down move today but the market has frontrunned me again!....
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back later, good luck, guys!
gap in data still at 38.25..took two from Vwap to getthat..hasn;t filled YET !!!!
sorry ..late post to be of use...but look at that gap...made at 1:50 EST
they are trying to form triples at the same area now!!!
reshorting 40.25 not run and trips belwo
shrt 40.25 and 42 even...dangeraous time and I don't like how they couldn't hold hour low
it's gotta get going quick or I'm gonna bail...last thing I want to do is get caught in some crazy up move at days end...IF it happens....42 is Developing POC...
kept back half and reshorted 40.75 again for the break of those trips
stubborn...they better make my suffering pay off
finally got 37.25 and holding 3 for hopefully the late day selloff.....retest of 41.50 before fresh lows will take em out
LOL.. I know what you mean Bruce... if i had the guts to hold on my 1074.25 short from last nite id be rich! But thats ok, i'll take my nickles and dimes as long as im taking and not giving. Fwiw, after abottom here or more likely soon tomorrow the gann day today was supposed to be a low, and longer term i expect a rebound into friday, giving bulls false hope, but we;ll see. God,
if only i could have gotten that 1048.00 short(i think the market stalled at 1047.25 or .50 ) i would have held for at least 41. That would have been sweet, but i guess theres always tomorrow!