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ES short term trading 7-7-10 5921

Just a giant range between 1039 and 1006

key zones

1037 - 1039
1025 - 1028
Originally posted by PAUL9

1) large unfilled gap (preferably open above .5 * 5 day ATR added to previous day's close)

2) Gap remains unfill, price NEVER gets below the Open (sort like today, but gap is not big)

3) trapped shorts who have put off covering all day long are forced to buy in post 3:15 time on any signs of an advance.

great call ! Unfolded exactly as per your script
agree...all u guys who called the trend early...well done indeed
we shorted the open. :)
Originally posted by PAUL9


how come my reference to MATD did not automatically get high-lighted as a link to the dictionary?

Each phrase or word in the forum that needs a link needs to be manually assigned. So if you see something that isn't linking that you think should be linking then just send me a PM with the word(s) and/or phrase(s) and let me know what definition you think they should link to and I can set it up.
Here's a 30 minute chart of the ES with the DVATool on it showing 1 filled in single print from Tuesday (red horizontal dotted line) and 4 single prints left from today's trading (white horizontal dotted lines).

Click image for original size
ES 7 July 2010 showing 4 single prints left behind on this day.
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