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ES short term trading 7-7-10 5921

Just a giant range between 1039 and 1006

key zones

1037 - 1039
1025 - 1028
ok two left and 46.75 will stop them out or 43 will be my target
phileo wrote:
"VWAP has never been touched all session, another sign of a trend day."

yeah. and if there is not a vwap run in the RTH, then it is likely in the AH (I think).

how come my reference to MATD did not automatically get high-lighted as a link to the dictionary?
earlier you mentioned that selling tail from end of June. On my chart I see singles in the tail starting at 48.25

how do you view a first test of the "single prints" in a selling tail like that? (I can see what happened today (so far), but I wondered what you are used to seeing PA wise at a test

and thanks alot for your description of a crappy High yesterday, makes so much sense.
trading for the trips
from 48.50 and 49.75....the 1050 players see their target too....triples harder on trend day!!!!

This could get ugly with a run up into 50!! where is our classic blow up volume trust??? without that the triples will not fill
tick and volume diverege but I'm not convinced....lighht as we know what late day trends do to accounts
the evil 50 RAT!!! the main RAT!! there is the vol what???
I've been reviewing MP. besides the gap 1055.75 to 1062.75 formed by GAP down on 6-29-10,
I noticed that on 6/9/10 there are single prints
short 1051, targetting 1049
i think 1051.75 is HoD, stop just above.
Here's a 30 minute chart of the ES with the DVATool on it showing 1 filled in single print from Tuesday (red horizontal dotted line) and 4 single prints left from today's trading (white horizontal dotted lines).

Click image for original size
ES 7 July 2010 showing 4 single prints left behind on this day.
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