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Es short term trading 7-13-10

short 86.50 in O/N as this is a secondary Resistance point....... up top there is 94 - 95, then 1101 and the 1108 - 1110 . we know a big move is coming with the reduced volatility......and we will gap up most likely in RTH. I don't want to get caught in a trend.

Looking for 81.50 to be tested in RTH.
88.75 filled air...still have my 87's and still see that double low...need to get under O/N high and not come back out with volume now
gaps are confusing as it can look so strong...that 90.50 was only 4 points off the not much net buying so far in RTH
lokking for 86.75 to get filled in minimum
1090 approximate 50% between 1080 + 1099 fib levels. I like em for pivots. I think yesterdays was 1073. Yours was 1072.5 or something close. We use different methods but confluence of similar marks interesting.
Can we get a lower high here?
and now the dreaded hour run ..but which side?
new campaign now...short 88.25..I know they still need an hour run...could be highs.....? careful uop here
that is third try to run out and stay out of O/N high..those buyers better come in soon or us shorts are gonna keep burning you...another consolidation day so RTH of course...those 86 lows are my first target still...then double low at the lows...
adding small at 89.even in case we need to sell hour high still
Context of my posts.
I noted the end of a normal cycle last week. Normally, I'd like this lift, but when they start changing the actual intraday trading low(which occurred in that cycle) by nulling trades it's got to mess up TA somewhere.
I just note this because this lift from last weeks low could actually be a C wave up with severe downside.
Just have to trade what we get until it shows something else. Normally I'd expect they would exceed the prior high.
Just to let you know.
Bruce when you get a chance could you go over what you expect to see and do about the dreaded hour run. TIA RB
Two days of up move with low volume....
Conventional analysis says the market is losing steam....but
the market continues to rally.
Anyone here started placing their shorts?