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Es short term trading 7-13-10

short 86.50 in O/N as this is a secondary Resistance point....... up top there is 94 - 95, then 1101 and the 1108 - 1110 . we know a big move is coming with the reduced volatility......and we will gap up most likely in RTH. I don't want to get caught in a trend.

Looking for 81.50 to be tested in RTH.
took loss at 92.75...just can't trust this time of day...the old me would still be fading
not exactly inspiring yet, marginal new high
Rburns I haven't forgot you.....if we can get back below DVA I will look to reshort for that 89 fill in
1 min 50 ma uptrending, 3 and 5 min flat, need to close a bar above 1094 or make it a short trip
Not to worry Bruce. Only when you can. thanks
1 min closed a bar above 1094, but a lower high. no other timeframes did yet
I'm gonna buy new highs...and SMALL!!
so far holding above that low range 15 minute bar from earlier...good for bulls so far
well went in at 94.75 and exited at 95.50..just not the speed of a break out I was hoping for....breakouts are tough...don't know how you folks do it...
RB....I only hold for hour run or breakouts in general with runners... (except for the one I just tried here late in the day) as I haven't been able to predict very well which way they will break that range without other compelling reasons to hold the trade...

I'm going to work on a chart as to "why" I exited my short campaign where I did which would actually be the same reason that the odds where slanted to the high breakout...I was blindsided to the short side though..

Most days it is better to wait for the hour run out and then trade for the retest of the breakout side. If I was home I would have taken the air pocket short trade into that Ratchet at 93.75 and the key resistance of 94 - 95 with the hopes that the hour high and then hour close would have got tested...You can see that they retested the hour high and I was lucky enough to get back for that ledge and the short trade which retested the hour close ..

let me type up this chart which give a good reason why the high may have been run first or at least a possible trade idea to watch for
Originally posted by rburns

Bruce when you get a chance could you go over what you expect to see and do about the dreaded hour run. TIA RB
Two days of up move with low volume....
Conventional analysis says the market is losing steam....but
the market continues to rally.
Anyone here started placing their shorts?
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