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Es short term trading 7-13-10

short 86.50 in O/N as this is a secondary Resistance point....... up top there is 94 - 95, then 1101 and the 1108 - 1110 . we know a big move is coming with the reduced volatility......and we will gap up most likely in RTH. I don't want to get caught in a trend.

Looking for 81.50 to be tested in RTH.
Bounce off open
note how fast that bar took off. quicker than the shorts.
reshorting 91.75...whole in profile at 90.25...89 is POC!!
double bottom 1088, 1094 HoD in jeopardy unless price can break below 1088
those with stops at 90 are toast!!
needs to break and hold your 1 min downtrend line if you got one. 1088 close enough.
tpo count has sellers in control...FWIW..I need that toast to be served... at 89.75 print
reshorting 91.75 again...i think 89.25 needs another test...
1 min 50 ma at that downtrend line,see if it holds.
now seeing a cluster of +ve TICK extremes, I think a break above 1094 targets 1097
Two days of up move with low volume....
Conventional analysis says the market is losing steam....but
the market continues to rally.
Anyone here started placing their shorts?
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