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ES short term trading 7-21-10

Here are the zones I'm watching

1101 is low volume based on composite work

90.50 - 93 ***** HV area from the composite

85 - 86 - Fridays high and POC from Thursday

80 - 81 Tuesdays high and volume node

70 - 73 ************ key support, high volume , Va high ---Bold intentional

66 **** single prints

61.50*** High volume

56.50 ****high volume

My plan will be to sell rallies with high $ticks...especially if we gap up in RTH into one of our two key zones above today's highs....we know what usually happens after trend days
long and small 78.25...
flat 77.50..
last try at 75.75..
sorry for late post to quick ...two off at 77.75...holding one for the triple run still..
Volume entering right here.
runner stopped at two sd Vwap band was 75.75...
new ledge and triple still up at clear path and they may start trending soon so have to leave it behind
watching 72.50 if it prints...
lots of volume at this 68 - 69...I'm long 67.75...stop is at 65.75....
two off at 70 and holding one...
Sounds interesting to me Phileo - looking forward to it.