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ES short term trading 7-21-10

Here are the zones I'm watching

1101 is low volume based on composite work

90.50 - 93 ***** HV area from the composite

85 - 86 - Fridays high and POC from Thursday

80 - 81 Tuesdays high and volume node

70 - 73 ************ key support, high volume , Va high ---Bold intentional

66 **** single prints

61.50*** High volume

56.50 ****high volume

My plan will be to sell rallies with high $ticks...especially if we gap up in RTH into one of our two key zones above today's highs....we know what usually happens after trend days
Originally posted by BruceM

that was good volume for this time of day...and agree about coil and Vwap concept..agressive for the 76.50 air....I still have my 77 and those 79 adds to trade out of though
I believe if you hold long enough you'll get your chance ,friend! yesterday as i posted we were due to hit a 'normal' 23 handle daily range,,, now the market is back in balance after last fridays expansion of range...since im bullish over the next several sessions i would be very surprised to see an expansion of daily range today! ..there fore i will catagorically state theres no way this thing goes below (1088-23) 1065 today.. that means your 1072 or my 73.5-74.25 become the most likely places for the daily low to occur!!! lol least thats what i keep telling myself!...meanwhile did those bastard boyz just one tick me??? grrrrrrrrr
staying below the O/N and making new lows will not be good now as the folks who left those triples will go for the 73 - 72 and that is my key number..

On the flip-side if we are to stay neutral then they will retest 80 at least as that is mid-range of the day...
ok ,you know i hate double bottoms so i'll lower my buy to 1073.50 with a 2.5 stop
sellers need to get some volume going otherwise they will drift back into range..My last add point is 72.50..and will be heavier...if it gets that far down

big volume there yesterday...

I never like taking a loss but when it takes so long it grinds on ya...
and if we stop at 74.25 and reverse the rest of the day... i'll go beseark!!! i'll listen to 12 hours of Justin Bieber!!!
that would assume I have unlimited money Kool......I will answer you uncle point later so I can address it properly
ideal target is now that big volume at 79 if they can get it....still tricky and not out of trouble yet
SHEESE.. NO HURRY ,BRUCE, by the looks of it I'll be heavy into Justin Bieber for punishment. I many times have you guys seen it? I make a brilliant call way ahead of time giving exact entries (at that time i had an order to buy one at 1074.25 and one at 1073.50) only to see it come so close and get one you see why i like crude oil.. its actually easier to trade!!!
plus 1000 ticks needs action....
red avg is at ...surprise!.. 1077.75 awe spiked above and came back down, but when we close above it on a 5 min basis youll get a whole lot more than 79!
Sounds interesting to me Phileo - looking forward to it.
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