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ES short term trading 8-6-10

not too impressive...all that waiting for that

14.75 will be the number I'm watching , then the 1108 -1110 zone....waiting for day session

Hey MM...what is your plan...? do u exit at RTH open or wait
strangle price opened around what I put it on for ... so dumped the puts to play it long ... just dumped the calls to net out a couple of dimes

jeeeeez, I shoulda just waited for the open and gone long with the way they were pricing the options ... needed a bigger opening gap obviously and a volatility bump in the prems ... had bigger expectations - bleh
open and drive..last weeks high is 17.75..trying shorts from 19 even

....21.50 is magnet they have been using...why should today be ythis is high risk even with air at 16.50 and 13 area
3 off at 17.50....flat but looking to buy for 21.50...

may even try the breakout trade at highs
long 18.75..want 21.50..they are using 17.50 as peak volume
flat 19 even....need more clues
normally I'd be playing for the air pocket fills but I'm trying to be the "reed in the wind" LOL!! and so far this reed is getting snapped

That air pocket at 16.50 is troubling my long...old habits
Bruce why did you pick 19 for that 1st short?
air also at 13.75.....damn reeds....!!we'll be watchingif this 16 - 17.50 area can hold and we get above 15 minute high again...
The pattern of preference will have to start anew with those 2 impulse waves negated with the new low.

Reversal megaphone pattern? If so, is it completed?
Watching the fibs and 50% levels.

Cash 1120.44, NDX above 1896.Right there right now.
Click image for original size
es 09 10 862010 15 min2
that was 50 % of O/N and begining of YD Value area....more important than all of those was that it was at a point where I could have added higher if wrong but far enough away from the 17.50 number to make a small profit..

they are still messing with 17.50....hour range time...

If they get above the 17.50 and above 15 minute high now I will go long but so far this "reed in the wind" stuff is a bunch of crap....ha!

that in theory would put us above air, key 14.75 - 16.75 zone and 17.50 volume the long should work..
Originally posted by rburns

Bruce why did you pick 19 for that 1st short?
I took that last loss at's one thing having losses, it's another having them on Friday...and many times posting trades makes the losses seem worse but they are what they are........

always something to learn the hints where there down when POC flipped...just didn't respond least we have some good numbers from today
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