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ES short term trading 8-6-10

not too impressive...all that waiting for that

14.75 will be the number I'm watching , then the 1108 -1110 zone....waiting for day session

Hey MM...what is your plan...? do u exit at RTH open or wait
the fib players I think are trying to get long at 1105.75
The alternative to a crawl back up to end midday would be take the 1100 or under and possible bounce into end of day.
1107.5 (1106.5 S/R on this small wave from lod)
Cash S now watching 1108
NDX watching 1878
Thanks Chrisp....and 1103.50 is a longer term air pocket...they missed it by one far..! I still prefer long as those triples in low volume up there
impossible to keep computers off even though I swore I was taking a vacation this week...

Pretty exciting action.

sorry not to see kool.

I had a question for the traders who know more about kool's methods and practices than I do...

today there is range expansion to the downside, didn't kool have something to say about downside range expansion days or the days that follow them?

I noticed on his August calendar he has today and yesterday as 12-13 day lows and Monday is labeled as turn day.

Can anyone remember what he said about range expansions to the downside? I searched but search engine not of much help on this one.

BTW, there is a gap still open down to 1100.25 to fill. (Gaps don't have to fill, but price is very close to fat round 1100.xx).
ledge forming at 05.75 so not overstaying that triple run...will look for shorts as I think they will take that out today...vwap band traders willbe tryingto sell here and up at 1112 if it actually goes that high
as long as they keep it below 1108 theywill runthat ledge..adding until run
That ledge is a preppared to suffer..if this 30 minute bar closes it will be 4 bars with the same low..!!
gotta be prepared in case they run it out the highs first to take YOUR stops
adding at 08.25
I'm looking at this like they are consoldiating ( accepting the market)
below our key 1108 - 1110..I like the structure of it but I sure would like it more if they ran out the 05.75...EVERYONE SEES that now...

hopefully it's not TOO obvious ...2:15 could bring about change

volume node will switch to 1107.75 soon and I'm not convinced thatwill be good for our short..
I took that last loss at's one thing having losses, it's another having them on Friday...and many times posting trades makes the losses seem worse but they are what they are........

always something to learn the hints where there down when POC flipped...just didn't respond least we have some good numbers from today
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