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ES key levels on the downside

some levels as we go forward....downside only..wishful thinking perhaps as the world seems on bullish. Ranges are fairly small so zones are tight...not much room from level to level

1213.50 - 15.25 - VPOC and spike initiation point ****** key support for friday,,longs don't want it to open below that on Friday morning!!

1207.50 - 09.50 Thursdays RTH open and low volume

1202 - 1204.75 - VPOC from Thursdays O/N session

1197- 98.75 Gap and VPOC from ON

87 -91 VPOC and low volume - may rotate here a bunch to fill in the profile

84.50 - low volume area begins and HV from composite

78 - 81 ***** major support , the center of the universe....we have been watching this number for a long time
Originally posted by pt_emini

I said we might hit every line on your chart !

heh ... that makes 2 of us
adding to runners now at 20.25 print...gonna test YD highs once more on downside..
symmetric O/N with 17.25 at the middle
Not a reversal quite yet as the day is young but its what bears need to see happen for any sustained move to the downside in the equity markets, imo.

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it's very strange that RTH hasn't traded 1200 print the past day or two....they won't leave that unfilled for long!!
Originally posted by BruceM

symetric O/N with 17.25 at the middle

16.75, just 2 ticks away, is also the hi of year as per June contract prior to yday's taking it out
Originally posted by BruceM

symetric O/N with 17.25 at the middle

Great call on that support !

I exited my short at 1218.00, VWAP had risen to 1217.75 at the RTH open.
I'm still going for sells for the eventual test of 1215...that is POC of O/N...but in general we will have at least two 30 minute bars that go through the open 20.25 is new sells again
open print is 18.50....and in two minute a new 30 minute bar forms...will add above O/N high if needed
Not taking into account After Hours session last night (which is probably a bad idea), that we had a pretty solid trend late Wednesday ... thru Wednesday night ... and including a strong RTH session Thursday closing near highs ... could the case be made that we may have some 2-sided trading much like a MATD for a bit?
Average True Range for RTH I'm currently showing 15.80 ES points. We are now 17.75 points.
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