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selling 1240 and 1242...

In O/N session.......1242 hasn't hit yet........betting they don't want to spend much time trading near the 1250 RAT on this opt. Exp Monday....

will hold for gap fill...
in hindsight that air pocket was a good one because we also had the 50% mark we had at least two things and three things if you consider the gap as a magnet
I'm flat at 36.50..I'm not risking two points to make two ticks....
Good job Bruce!

Originally posted by BruceM

finally...I missed my exit on the first test of air earlier
Will try again above 1237.00 Objective at 1243.25

Will void the objective if below 1235.75
ES trading 1237.00 @ 11:53
Originally posted by i1hunter

I'm looking for a test of yesterday's high 1242.25 as the objective. and possibly higher to 1244.00 ES is now testing 1239 MdP.

ES now trading 1237.00 @ 11:34

Will void the objective if below 1237.00
If moves below 1235.75 is most likely it will go after the PP at 1234.00

Now trading at 1235.75 @ 11:49
there is that 32.5o again....that is S1 today!!!
Bruce. You may be right about S1 today

O/N low was at MdP 1229.75 so, some support there.

S1 Will be a good objective if it does not take out 1234.75 (1234.75 is 50 % of today's action including O/N. )

ES now trading at the PvP 1234.00 @ 13:44
I'm not expecting new lows now ..this is the last day i expect them to keep it away from the 1225 or the 1250 numbers...the concept has served us well
Great job from everyone! BruceM, Lorn, Monkey M, & Pt-mini.

Thanks for sharing the way you see.
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