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selling 1240 and 1242...

In O/N session.......1242 hasn't hit yet........betting they don't want to spend much time trading near the 1250 RAT on this opt. Exp Monday....

will hold for gap fill...
today i'd like to see an open below the R1 level and O/N volume point of 1232.50...then a push down to get long with the target goal of the retest of 32.50 from below....and with a bit of luck a hold for the gap fill and our old pal the 36-37.50 area

With the vote today coming and it still being opt exp. I don't see any early trend in either direction...reports at 10 to be aware of though
damn...seems the On is stealing my bright idea...
Here is the O/N profile.

Click image for original size
trying to trade for 35.75 retest
trying a scalp short off this 1237.00 level
light on coming...add point is above 41 ....
Originally posted by pt_emini

trying a scalp short off this 1237.00 level

got my stop... will try again at POC
big gap at 35.75 !!!!
air below....!! fading up down below too!! 41 is key still if it prints
trying to fill air into highs now will be a tricky hold if they come..
Great job from everyone! BruceM, Lorn, Monkey M, & Pt-mini.

Thanks for sharing the way you see.
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