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selling 1240 and 1242...

In O/N session.......1242 hasn't hit yet........betting they don't want to spend much time trading near the 1250 RAT on this opt. Exp Monday....

will hold for gap fill...
Snapped this 30m chart last night ... my ES "map" for coming into Monday's trading. Blue lines are potential signif PASR areas (Magenta, semi-signif) ... Whitish Dashed lines are Wkly Pvts ... Red Lines at 1241-1242 are an area of many Fib related numbers and some regular pivot numbers (Kool pointed some out in his weekend analysis). Range at 1248-1254 (a wider "zone" than usual) but seems the next really signif resistance above 1242 area. Pre mkt currently trading at 1241. Hope it's helpful.

Click image for original size
es sr 30m for 121310
Here is the O/N profile with HVN (green) and LVN (red) marked.

Click image for original size
there's half the gap fill and lorns LVN from O/N....good place to take something off just in case they bring it back up again
with any luck the final target will be 34 even...but will watch any 39 retest now to see about new shorts
ok...on new shorts at 39.25.....will watch what happens only at 38.25 fill in...if it comes....
Just entered short at 1239.25 at the low volume break point on Lorn's chart.

Targets Below:

Gap Fill at 1236.00 (high volume level on Lorn's chart)
VAH at 1235.75
VPOC at 1234.50
all air and hidden air is filled in ...would like to see open print NOT retested and then new lows....ideal situation for the 34 target...otherwise they may push up into 42 and 44 so lets hope they can't get open print for shorts to win
best is 37.50 and trying to hold 3....still watching that 39 number
Watch the TICK....looking bullish at the moment.
highest one minute volume bar close is 37.50...they like those a fsilure to attract volume and buyers will go back to that a THIRD time!!
Great job from everyone! BruceM, Lorn, Monkey M, & Pt-mini.

Thanks for sharing the way you see.
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