ES short term trading 1-21-11

Coming into the end of a down week , as expected. We are in the midst of a rally off of yesterdays low (as expected), but my bias is still negative for today....
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ON Profile. Sorry this is late...snow this year is ugh!

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Have to run momma to work, but i'll be back soon... Order in at 1289.25 to sell ,just in case...
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all fades will be much harder as we seem to be on track to NOT print the R1 level in the first 30 - 45 minutes at 81.50

jusr added at 87 print......single prints and R2 is up here that will hopefully help us a bit...air below
As long as the euro is showing strength equities are gonna remain strong. I'm watching the euro carefully for any early turn around signals.
ideally us shorts need a 10:30 close below the Overnight high....

I'll settle for the air pocket first.....but we may still chop inside these single prints from Wednesday...hope not....

air fills at 85.25 but not convinced this is the swing high yet!!
There is the weeks profile...1290 HVN.

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ES is retracing a bit from 1287.00. supports at 1285/1284 areas. If the ES finds support above 1284.00 I will be targeting 1291/1293.

Below 1284.00 will void the objectives and it is most likely will move down to test yesterday's high at 1281.25.

ES trading 1286.50 @ 10:10
watching $ticks far only a plus 750 for a high....doesn't seem to be showing real strength especially with such a gap and run up.....I think we are gonna roll over....down....10:30 will give a better clue
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short fill @ 85.75 i'm out at 84. i just don't see it going much lower. at least not in the morning hour.

This type of post doesn't help anyone and usually annoys traders on this thread. If you're going to call an open position then please do so ahead of time with a reason. Telling us you made 1.75 points after the fact doesn't help anybody and makes you look like a shill.
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and while I'm thinking here...what happened to Paul and Phileo...? Just two of the many posters who have past through and moved on from the Mypivots day trading threads...

Last I remember Phileo was taking a JPJ trading room trial and then POOF.....he's gone !!

I see Phileo posting on Twitter now and then: