ES Short Term Trading 01-31-2011

Here is last weeks profile to get is ready for the new week.

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adding at 82.75 ..going light overall as this is beyond the first 90 minutes of trade...wacthing closes above 85 for loss points if it happens

air below now!!
This little push up tells me she wants higher,later today or likely tomorrow,as expected. Just in case tho, i'm using a fairly tight stop of 1284.00 (2.00 handles) to start.
this is a key reason why longs are preferred today, and tomorrow!
interesting time for a potential trend...not a good time for trending action.....single prints trying to form down to 1280 breakout point..
one of the reasons this is a more agressive trade is because we have had multiple closes ABOVE the 60 minute high and the OVERNIGHT this is a higher risk fade and another reason to keep it lighter...
im taking one off at 1281.00 if i can get a fill and one at 1280.50... im not too fond of this scalp!...
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I just closed this at 81 even print...that was near original short point..just slightly below...I had 3 from the 81.50 and 5 from the 82.75...

I don't really like that high so getting out was a good idea for me....still have potential single prints/ air pocket below for those still on the fade....$ticks trying to break their trendline but those have fooled me before

A common thing you will see is that they will try to push it 2.5 to 5 points above or below a key pivots ( like a weekly/daily combo at 80.50)to shake folks out...hence my add point and knowing 85 was a key close area to lean on...
well i got one off at 1281.00 as well , but still holding the other for 1280.50(currently up 4 handles on the day)...1281 is the median line and the red avg on the 5 min chart!
oh yeah, ive lowered my stop again to 1283.00...
stopped at 1283.00, up 3 on the day now and watching...
Hi Bruce, Thanks again for your input. This may be a little wordy, but this should give an indication of the 'fade the first move by a Fibonacci of the Stretch calculation and applying that price rotation to the formula (3, -1). The -1 is the counter trend 'fade' price move. I am looking forward to your shared mutual interests.

YMH1: Sold short in 1st minute: 11753. Reversed at 11698 and offset the long at 11638 (1.618% bounce off the low).(Rational: Settlement: 11775- 2.618% of today's Stretch (26 x 2.618=68. 11775-68= 11707. Friday's last trade was 11762 -68=11694. Friday's settlement: 11775-68=11707 or 11751-68=11683. Average of the three projected a low=11694. Tonight's low is 11690. Prices bounced back to unchanged and filled the gap. January 31

YMH1: Applying the (3, -1) formula to the strategy that trades from unchanged and fades the first move by today's Stretch calculation, 21. Previous settlement lifted up to the high, i.e, 11930+21=11951 and reversed back to unchanged. Prices fell below unchanged by 63 pts, i.e., 11930- (3x21)= 11967. 11964 = low.
Another nearly perfect fit. 25 January 12:44PST

YMH1 strategy; price rotations basis 1.618% and 2.618% of today's Stretch calculation, 24=X. 1.618X=38 and 2.618X=38: Trading from unchanged, 11822 lifted 50% of 24 and failed 11838 to 11806 reversing to 11870 (1st high ... 11806+64=11870= +2.618X +2pts). 11870 fell to 11808=62pts=2.618X. Unchanged + 4.25% of X=11924=11822+102=11924. High:11936. 24 January 12:34PST

Basis YMH1: Trading from unchanged and fading the first move by today's Stretch (26=X) calculation and applied to the (3, -1) formula, satisfied this formula and range projection within a small margin of error, 3 pts above the low and 5 pts below the high. 11774-X=11748 11745=low). 11774+ (3x26)=11852. High-low=112 pts, i.e., 11857-11745=112. 110=4.25% of today's Stretch, 26, calculation.
21 January 16:12PST

I'm sick in the head (lol) and going back to bed.
Take a look at the March $5 Dow intra-day chart. The trading strategy is to fade the first move, e.g., when it is counter-trend. The first move was down almost 1.618% of today's Stretch calculation (25), and then reversed, from unchanged, three of today's Stretch calculations. This fit...s the (3, -1) formula.
18 January 14:13PST

YMH1, Trading from unchanged; fading first move as applied to (3, -1) formula,; Stetch calculation =24=X, 1.618X=38, 2.618X=62 and 4.25X=102: Unchanged, 11683+Stretch, 24=11683+24=11707. At 11708 reversed in the early A session. 11708- (24x3)=11636=11707-72=11636. 11627, 14 Jan low reversed up to 11740. The low 11627 + 4.25X= 11729, i.e., 11627 + 102 = 11729. Prices have started a retraceal lower from the 11740 high. 14 January 12:07