ES 4-4-2011

Getting the week started off here is a look at last weeks RTH profile.

Obvious zone on this chart is the gap in the middle with virtually zero volume.

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Yea Lisa. It sure has.
Here is a different look at the O/N value test. Prices still in it, will be interesting to watch what happens if we get a 30-min close out of this area.

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revising last target to 30 even as that is OR low !
Hope you get it ,Bruce! i currently have a sell order at 1330.50...boring day ,so far!
this campaign is done at 29.25.....just too narrow ...My thinking was that the Opening range volume is the highest volume bar on the day....bigger than the 27 volume below....

so in theory we should go back to test the OR's just too slow for me here though
Bid-Ask update

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2011 04 041234
It certainly seems a little odd to me that we never tested Friday's and last ights low around 1324.25-50
I have cancelled my sell at 1330.50. The avg's on the 5 min chart are around 1329.25 and close to giving a negative trend signal,so bulls will want her to break up soon!
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Still more selling than buying even on this little push up! btw, no fill on my 1328.50 sell! ugh!
Glad ya nabbed SOHU ... unfolded well. Considering the market was range bound, most of the stock picks held up well with many also reflecting the ES price activity ... but they performed pretty well overall ... with 1 or 2 semi-lemons. Thanks for the feedback; it's nice to hear back that someone's profited from the picks. Good stuff!