ES numbers 4-28-11

key support zone and probable magnet:

1345 - 1347.25 - this has VPOC, vwap, the Va high, the midrange.....I think that will need to get tested and soon perhaps in O/N trade still

1352 - this was the biggest volume from YD trade at around 3:35, then the 4 pm close was here and then the 4:15 lots of interest there

Yesterday that was a spike in the afternoon and the market did not get TIME to digest that late afternoon rally( read Daltons MOM) so where we open in relation to that spike means something
1-2-3 sell in place
took something off at 53 print ..ahead of key area...prefer to see this stay below hour high in order for runners to go get that 51.50....problem with the 51.50 is that we need to go thorugh peak volume to reach a harder hold...
took some off at VWAP
huge electrical storm here, I'm shutting down

good luck to all.
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what do u call that at 51.50.....? A big old target...short on 53.50 !! will add higher if needed
Good luck, friend! hellova ledge there which will undoubtably break in time!

glass floor!!!
next stop...48.50... eventually
New person here...wanted to just throw out a huge thank you to all of you, especially Bruce for all the guidance on the books and in his posts.

Watching, reading, learning...and trying to keep up!
flat at 51.75....classic stuff...big volume to break out of hour high and YD high but no follow through
I have 1348.25 as a big-volume number from yesterday
here is a chart... a bit crude as I haven't worked on making it look good yet...On the left side you can see the Volume histogram....classic bell shape. RED horizontal line is Yesterdays high, blue lines that look like bollinger are 2nd standard deviation off Vwap.....all things I've watched but now have them on one screen..

Lower pane is still experimental but that is Day only Cummulative delta...
So here is the the hour breakout, that took out Yesterdays highs and look at where the CD is ?..Not even close to the energy (CD) levels that created yesterdays that high is run out on much less energy.. nobody is that interested yet in trade up we revert back..

Just another form of internals confirmation...Volume and $tick diverged from yesterdays level too.......
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don't you just set that up as a 5 tic reversal chart in Market delta...? perhaps I missed the Point and fiqure option.....I'll need to look again...thanks
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Lisa I have Zenfire data and we aren't matching that IB data you have on your 5 tic reversal footprint ? Can anyone fire a chart like that up and see if their data matches....?

I had buyers winning into the 11:16 bar but then at 11:30 bar the sellers took over...just want to make sure my zenfire data isn't goofy!!

Bruce, yes, I have IB feed. Please note that I use "point and figure" chart which is NOT time-based, not sure what you use.