ES 5-10-2011

Interesting action so far. Look at that ledge forming and notice CD pushing down.

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damn Lorn ur fast.....

1356 - 1357 selling breakdown point

1351 - 1352.50 Fridays high and O/N high is here

1346 - 1346.50 - YD RTH high and low volume from O/N session *****VA high

1340 - 1342.50 - air pocket from Mondays trade *******key support
Since yesterday was a low volume rally I'm specifically interested in volume that tries to push away from Yesterdays highs and starts to fail. So I prefer to find sells above the 1346 area with low volume.

If we open and just drop inside the range then I will have to wait and see if we can push outside of 1346 again. Inside day on Monday too !
O/N Profile. You can see the low volume area Bruce is talking about.

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Here we are on VWAP and notice CD has pushed down below its low from the O/N.

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sold into 48.50...Light as may need to add..$ticks strong - few below zero implies strength
I realize they are from the O/N but those trips at 48.75 just touched but not taken out yet.
report at 10 and it seems somebody knows something...air at 47.50 right now
For the fib crowd. Here on the 30 min prices are now challenging that 2.000 level a second time. Either it holds or the 2.618 up at 1356.75 might be a target.

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longer time frame.... I am looking for a test of the 1355 area, as a 61.8 retr of last weeks globex 73.5 - 25.25. fwiw
starting new shorts at stopped after air fill
Thanks, Lorn.

That is a goal I have to persue.

your reminder has increased my determiniation.

it is now time for action.