ES Day Trading 5-23-2011

Volume Profile for last weeks RTH action. Not much volume relatively speaking at the bottom of the range.

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Hi, Bruce

Sure, I'll bite.

I follow a chain of MA's in varying time-frames with numbers manipulated to coincide with daily numbers. The equivalent of a 3 day typical MA, in my 20 chart, assumed by the equivalent of the 1 day MA. I noticed it first in a series longs to retest. MA crossovers, &ct., but the way I have my charts you can see if prices are rejecting by not hitting the .25%'s. in consolidating periods. And if they do, I stay the position until lower MA's ride above the 55 for a spell. Then the mini-capitulation.

21 printed as market satisfaction. I noted it.

Chop and all, to the tick, we may not get there, so don't bust my chops. ;^>

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we are watching...just busting on ya but if you want to give us a reason why you thought that would print then that would be helpful
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thanks....we closed one tic off the midpoint.....neutral days..!