ES Day Trading 5-23-2011

Volume Profile for last weeks RTH action. Not much volume relatively speaking at the bottom of the range.

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What is your take on the 1320 area? I'm watching live right now 2350 hrs EST.

I've got a nice profit locked on a short at 1332.75. Not sure if I'll hold as I can just see a nice fake move here at 1320, i.e. let's let everyone think we'll break 1316 and turn around and hit new highs from here.
O/N Profile.

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1312.50 is a key RAT.....remember those ? LOng from there...

15.50 like lorn shows and the 19 - 20 breakdown point are keys

ON low needs to hold this drop
we know they like to run out an O/N hgh or low....early research seems to point that we can use the HV node of O/N to help point the way some days..
along with the open print...not perfect but that is basic idea...just another filter to add to the mix

my runners want open print to hold now and get above that big volumne node
damn runners stopped at 15.75...was hoping that would just keep running up
target looks like 1318
funny how the mind works.....while in that trade I wanted it to trend and keep going higher....normally I expect trade to chop around in those HV areas like that....and NOT trend

point is that I wasn't objective enough while in that trade...will try longs once more...
I'm busy doing other things, but I'll take the time to make 2 comments

1) NQ is no where near as strong as the ES (I don't like that)
2) Price in the RTH has printed at 618 down of last Monday's range, odds near 8 in 10 that full extension of monday's range down can print = 1308.25

there is an unfilled gap Close of 4-19 was 1308.50, price is pretty close.

I don't trade violent mondays

good luck to all

If prior swing low holds (or undercut by only a tick or two, that is sign of support.

Thanks Paul..I'm in my third long trade and runners going now where we have the hour range completing and stuck in the middle...the 15 area is still the attractor...we need some volume to come in and make a choice of direction....

I'm not fading initial break of either 60 minute range early on

$ticks still showing more clusters above zero so long is still my prefered direction
respectable DB in the NQ and ES could not undercut previous swing low.
20 seems natural for the ES.

move to new RTH H might unlock buy stops

this is a box, 12.25 to 18, diff = 5.75 added to 18 = 23.75 possible.

subtracted from 12.25 = 1306.50 possible

I'm falling behind in my other project,
thanks....we closed one tic off the midpoint.....neutral days..!