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ES Day Trading 5-23-2011

Volume Profile for last weeks RTH action. Not much volume relatively speaking at the bottom of the range.

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Per market internals:

They're delayed; in the case of uvol especially, they can be an entire movement lagged, sometimes well into the second. Volume's a tricky beast. MP's cheating in my estimation. You might as well sell crack on the street corner. Same reasoning.

Is this in ES a test for a new level low, support verification or resistance making?

Average internal numbers in spreadsheets and fine tune.
they just keep rejecting those lows from last week.....7 minutes we will see if we can close above last weeks lows from RTH..still not neutral and all the volume sits at this stuff...but would love it more if I had more contracts to unwind
took one off at 19.25 print......we are officailly neutral...keep your eyes open up here...if sellers are to play they will do it from here and O/N highs...
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2011 05 231437
the reason I am trying to hold one is because we may just get the neutral extreme close to the upside.....putting stop at 15.50 ..I want them to keep it inside the RTH low of last week now ...getting under that is no good for longs...we want the GAP fill..

1319 still had "residual" order - see chart above
had a power flicker so moved stop up to 60 minute high...then had complete power stopped out there...just as well

15.25 is midpoint so on neutral day the sellers off that 19 - 20 area get paid perfectly...great trade for those who took that sell up there
we are watching...just busting on ya but if you want to give us a reason why you thought that would print then that would be helpful
Originally posted by ramiegram


nice visual Lisa...thanks
Originally posted by Lisa P

1319 still had "residual" order - see chart above
thanks....we closed one tic off the midpoint.....neutral days..!
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