ES 6-6-2011

Last weeks volume profile for study.

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it was that air pocket that helped but I admit that this is agressive for me at this time of day...this either has to perform quickly or will stop out

key area is still that 89 - 90 swing low....
stopped at 86.25 and didn't get to take anything off at air fill..good luck on the 1284...looks like a good call so far John.
relentless negative ticks...the vol remains lo...just swa -1300 ticks
I have 1281 for last key area now...
1282.50 is S2 today...close so far
both ym and nq hit their S1 levels when es made its lows so that 83.5-84 area john pointed out was ok for a quick scalp. I had 84ish as the 1.618 projection resulting from the move from 311 to 294.5, after the payroll report printed. Took the long from 83.5 (slightly below my projection since i was expecting those S1 levels in ym and nq to be approached, if not touched)...half off at 85.5 and the other half will be 86.5 or flat....not risking a stop being hit at this time of day
Wasn't 1284.50 also a Naked POC?
great call johnpr2010 !!! and great trade apk781 as well
Thanks, I am out for 3 pts for 20 contracts. Nothing running for now.
sorry big mike I had a data freeze up with IB....that doesn't happen much...Glad Lorn took care of ya....

I was hoping we would hit into 1281.50 to be exact because that would have put us 2.5 points under that old VPOC and into the S2 level....I don't like initiating right on those old volume points unless volume gives a clue...My preference would have been to try and buy underneath that for the retest back up...

Now that my charts are back it seems that I would have missed the trade accoring to my filters......too late for me too..Congrats to u folks who got the long off....nice trade!
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Wasn't 1284.50 also a Naked POC?