ES Mon 8-8-11

Friday's low was 1163.25 and so far the overnight session for Monday's trading day 8/8/2011 has a low of 1161.50. That's 1.75 points below Friday's low. Given the nature of the news released this week about the US credit downgrade I think that the markets are behaving in an unusually calm manner. Is this the quiet before the storm?

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ES overnight for 8 August 2011
wipe saw big time this morning stoped out really fast on that vol
I thinkS$PX hitting 1150 triggered some algos
Just like any other day if you cut size and increase loss and profit. lol 5 tick stops ain't gonna work don't care who you are. 1/3 size and 16tick stops or take the week off.
O/N Value area (blue TPO, Green - volume). O/N VAL possible.

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2011 08 081112
I meant test of those values is possible
thanks, Charter Joe.

50% of range since begin of everything since Sunday night open is now 1168.25

interesting to note most recent swing H was 1168.00

if current retrace finds support 60-59 area, and then starts up, can trap intraday bears short for a squeeze pop,
but would not expect power squeeze until 50% looks like support, Why, because everyone who shorted below that level becomes a bag holder.
here's a complete list of all the trades I've made today:


"Create an invincible army and await the enemy's moment of vulnerability."
still gap on INDU. came close though

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2011 08 081154
If I heard correctly, cnbc just reported that S&P has downgraded a few insurance companies (insurance companies are big holders of USTreasuries)

It's like that company has declared war on the world. Why couldn't they have been this draconian during the CMO debacle. what a joke.
The US has a Beacon Score now
Yes red - I believe it was.