ES Mon 8-8-11

Friday's low was 1163.25 and so far the overnight session for Monday's trading day 8/8/2011 has a low of 1161.50. That's 1.75 points below Friday's low. Given the nature of the news released this week about the US credit downgrade I think that the markets are behaving in an unusually calm manner. Is this the quiet before the storm?

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ES overnight for 8 August 2011
maybe they are going to downgrade China too.... fat
its like that ad on TV 725 , 745 , the third is now 625 you and I would pay more now fpr a car or house
make sense?
$SPX hit 1150
INDU gap closed, thanks Mr. President

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2011 08 081407
First high volume today - hope that was the end of the slide down

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2011 08 081427

Is todays ES volume a record
Red, I think it is... just slighty higher than Fri which I believe was an all time high
Thanks Chrisp;
I'am in 6e most of the time .. Friday was the record
I didn't even look ...
Yes red - I believe it was.