ES Fri 8-19-11

Thursday's trading left a single print at 1149.25 which was a place to get short and I mentioned that on the forum and tweeted it at however the market got back up to a high point of 1148.25 later around midday but was shy the short trigger price by 1 point. That single print still remains valid if the market opens below it for today's (Friday's) trading session. There is also the H bracket single print at 1194.75 left from Wednesday but I don't see that coming into play today.

Safe and profitable trading everyone!

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ES overnight 19 August 2011
Open below LV area
I'm thinking short at 1133.25 which is VAL and the market opened under the value area.

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ES 19 August 2011
that was fast
going to close gap
Market blew right through that making that a losing trade.
me to above vwap and second SD
it looks like it blowing away shorts
The high of that move was 1338 even. That would have been a 4.75 point draw down from the short at 1133.25 had it not been stopped out. As I type this the market is at 1129.50 even which would have probably allowed you to move the stop to breakeven. You lose some you win some.
or doing the math sell 1 then sell 2 then sell4 the other way of looking at it
back down to the 20 day here we go again
good call bruce right back below the open