ES Fri 8-19-11

Thursday's trading left a single print at 1149.25 which was a place to get short and I mentioned that on the forum and tweeted it at however the market got back up to a high point of 1148.25 later around midday but was shy the short trigger price by 1 point. That single print still remains valid if the market opens below it for today's (Friday's) trading session. There is also the H bracket single print at 1194.75 left from Wednesday but I don't see that coming into play today.

Safe and profitable trading everyone!

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ES overnight 19 August 2011
that little spike up 2 points was low vol from last night it went rite though is
High so far today was 1 tick above the POC. This is a stronger market than I was expecting. My next target for a short is the single print at 1149.25.
for big mike.

a perfect example of what I wrote in the thread on yesterdays thread to answer your question...we blew right through the low volume of yesterday at the 48 - 49 so I am looking for shorts near 52.50 - 54.50 to get short to go back to the 49 area...they run out the stops and then bring it back down to go fill inthe volume node..
having the air pocket at 47.25 is just a bonus to help with the fade...and pull the market back after running those stops at the single prints
gap in the data at 45.25 - 45.50 too!!!
If we get real lucky now they will go for the high volume at 36 and then the low volume at 33 !! This 42.50 area is low volume generated from TODAYS data...a break out point up ! a critical point for the bears to overtake
I'm done at 42.50...combining the last two days we get a high volume peak at 1140 and a very big bell curve with 49 at the high extremes and 27.50 at the low extremes.....we are stuck inside the hour range so I'll be standing by to see what happens from here

seems like we may just consolidate ....that 40 number is also the 4pm close from thursday
great trading bruce, and thanks for all the insights...terrific
bruce would the low vol from over night count in that blow though ?I have low vol from 39.0 to 42
this morning ?
nice bruce big time
good call bruce right back below the open