Win The Trader's Book of Volume by Mark Leibovit

Do you want to win a signed copy of The Trader's Book of Volume by Mark Leibovit?

If so then simply reply to this forum post and let's us know that you want a chance to win. We will close this competition at midnight on 30 September 2011 and on or shortly after 1 October 2011 Mark Leibovit will read through the replies and pick one that he likes or if they are all very similar will pick one at random.

The winning reply will receive a copy of The Trader's Book of Volume signed by the author by Mark Leibovit.

Good luck!

please include me. thanks
Watching Volume really does help to understand market dynamics .
Best of luck to everyone !
Sure, why not.
I use volume for my trading decisions.

Hope I win!!!
big money!
Thanks for this opportunity
I presently track a volume oscillator on the NYSE A/D with good success. I am interested in what Mark has to say about volume patterns. Thanks.
Thanks for this competition. I am professional trader.
Congratulations to staylor455 who wins the book! It should be in the mail soon. Well done!