Win The Trader's Book of Volume by Mark Leibovit

Do you want to win a signed copy of The Trader's Book of Volume by Mark Leibovit?

If so then simply reply to this forum post and let's us know that you want a chance to win. We will close this competition at midnight on 30 September 2011 and on or shortly after 1 October 2011 Mark Leibovit will read through the replies and pick one that he likes or if they are all very similar will pick one at random.

The winning reply will receive a copy of The Trader's Book of Volume signed by the author by Mark Leibovit.

Good luck!

Technical analysis is a 2 dimensional representation of a multi-dimensional environment. Volume is one of the prime dimensions a trader needs to understand.
always looking to absorb new thoughts.
Okay, I've replied.
Interest in volume leading price
Here's hoping I win.
I'm interested. It is my opinion that volume-at-price is the key to understanding the moves of the market. Hope the book is helpful.
In for 1... hope I get a copy :)
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win THE TRADER'S BOOK OF VOLUME by Mark. I have self-trained myself to trade by reading books and information available on line. I am a technical trader and have read many times that volume is very important to note when making a decision to enter a trade. I would like to read more. Thank you.

I would also like to note that I use this site every trading day. I check the value areas to make use of the 80% rule, and so far it has worked. Thank you for providing this information daily.
I've read books by the greatest and about the greatest traders in the past. Namely, Reminisinces of a Stock Operator, which detailed the life of Jesse Livermore and how he operated in the markets, and was perhaps the world's best trader. Others have always studied his methods, and again one of the best was Richard D. Wyckoff, who wrote "The Day Trader's Bible". I must honestly say that I would put Mark Leibovit's book, "The Trader's Book of Volume" in the same category, since it teaches how to trade like the aforementioned two classics. I look forward to learning to trade more like the masters of old from Mark's new book.
All the best,
Chris B.
London, On.
Congratulations to staylor455 who wins the book! It should be in the mail soon. Well done!