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ES Monday 10-3-11

Here is how I have Fridays chart marked off...I have it on the one minute so some can see the price action at these points. A few things to keep in mind:

1) On friday the 47 - 48 low volume zone from Thursday held prices down. So even though I only have the 45.50 - 46 area marked off we still need to be aware of that entire zone from 45,50 - 48.75 as it is all really low volume.

2)Even though I have the 29.25 - 30.25 marked off we really have low volume up to 32.50 and then the histogram starts getting wider and volume starts to buldge

The traditional Market profile has the VA low at 35 and our secondary high volume number is 36.50 so that will be a point that I will not trade from due to that high volume.

The Va high comes in at 45 and we begin our low volume zone there so that will be a good number to trade from. The ideal trade up there would see them push through the 45 low volume zone and then find a short that will attempt to come back to fill in not only the 45 but come back down to the high volume magnet near 1143...!! Again using the high volume as targets instead of entry points.

Will forumulate a better trading plan once we see how the overnight does.

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short 32.75 for the 30 retest and further
two runners will try for 27...just above air fill
final target will be low volume transition point at 24.25!!
good morning guys-
flat now...perpective chart will follow
I have LV node at 1124. filled long 1124.25
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2011 10 031021
I have LV at 28.25 I hit 32.25 out half at 28 let runner go for a bit hit 26 cool

nice morning
The very best trades will come at the edge....those areas where we will transition from low to high volume. Taking trades while still inthe low volume areas as the "weight" of the high volume will help "push " your trade in it's intended direction. Here is Today and Friday but look at the histogram on the right. We are entering that low volume area when I took that short. This was actually the second try in that zone for me. Look at all that beautiful low volume from 29 up to almost 33.75...

It made sense and having an air pocket form in todays session and "Knowing" they love to come back to retest the key zones this case I had the 29 - was a trade you had to was part of the plan....not being arrogant....hopefully you can see the reasons...we just don't trend well in the first hour - 90 minutes anyway.....

Hope some got on board is the chart don't need to see the days combined , you just need to know that we had a bulk of volume in certain places....
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great Della and Moring Palmer!!
Originally posted by della

I have LV at 28.25 I hit 32.25 out half at 28 let runner go for a bit hit 26 cool

nice morning
not telling anyone what to do but we have a double low on the 30 minute and we have rejected the low volume zone above the 29 - 30 seems likely that they will try to make new lows on the day
Here's the 60 minute follow up chart. The chart is self explanatory, showing how I used and see s/rs.
The time and price objectives shown in this chart is about the same as the previous time and price chart posted some time ago, where the price hits the objective before the time and moves lower, but, returns to the price objective at or near the time cycle.
I hope this charts help in some way.

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sp 500 es time price objectives 60 minute 10032011
Originally posted by sandoxe

ES moved down to 1098 s/r and found support. I think for the rest of the session the ES will try to base here between 1102/1098 then late session or tomorrow AM a small rally.
bellow 1098 will open the door for 1088. --

Gals and guys I'm using the numbers as reference, don't get stack on my words. Go by what you see in your charts. If you find that some of your s/rs and M/P model is congruent with some of the numbers posted by other people, maybe you got something to work from, a potential trade may unfold from that area.

Originally posted by sandoxe

ES hit 1102.50 objective at 13:18. Now some bouncing and testing, Notice that the price did zig-zag a bit in the 1107/8 area. (seeing in the 1M chart) That area is now a small s/r. I think MM had that S/R too.

Below 1102 will target 1088.00 with some support at 1098.00 s/r.
Will see what happens between now and closing.

ES now trading 1104.00 @ 13:26

Originally posted by sandoxe

Will follow up on the 60 minute chart tonight.

Interesting moves today. Is like it's fighting to move above 1120 but fails to do so. The pivot to change the down trend, is at 1129.50 (short term). Other than that? 1102.00 here we come, soon or latter. -- The price has all the time in the world to make it there. Next cycle time to 1102.00 is at 15:30 E.T.

ES now trading 1115.00 @ 12:33 E.T.

Will see, in due time the market will show us the way.

Originally posted by sandoxe

Here's a 60 minute chart with the objective for tomorrow AM.

Looks like a long shot, but what do I know?

Will see. The market always has the last word and in due time will show us the way.

I see for you the same I see for my self: Having the best of luck, fun, and awesome profitable trading day!!

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sp 500 es 60 minute chart 100211

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