ES Tuesday 12-13-11

Here's what I've got for my ES MAP of PASR ZONES using a 30min chart of 20 days of data coming into Tuesday's trading. The Red lines are potential significant levels with Magenta lines as semi-significant. The White dashed lines are the Weekly Pivots. The Green line is an unclosed gap level. The Light Blue Volume Profile of the past "rolling" 20 days is displayed on the right vertical axis. The Gray background shows non-RTH price activity. Hope, as always, that this is helpful to some as a "MAP."

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es 30m sr for 121311

And here's the All Trading Hours Daily (continuous contract) for the ES. We've had some WR days with the 200sma and 50sma containing price as they're converging, fwiw ... with the Yellow down trend line still intact. Just a bigger view to combine visually with the 30min PASR chart for better analysis.

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es daily for 121311

INDU at 12K again - just fell through

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2011 12 131517
europe to use US motel to FIX debt crisis
Gap is getting slowly filled...lookin at 1200 range....wednesday?