ES Thursday 12-22-11

Two main magnet areas today and those areas are the 48 - 51 and the 1231 - 1232. The HV overnight node of 1242.50 becomes the critical filter price to achieve those targets. One target at least will print today in the day session and it seems more likely to be the 1231 area....

Possible stumbling block on any downside move will be the 1237.50 - 1239 low volume area
going to see that 48 to 51 first strong morning so far
bruce going back to 12/9 you see a ledge there at 45 ???
yes and as usually the Overnight highs and lows are always natural reference points.. they want to retest 42.50 on the downside again now I think
Good morning, guys.
The "other side". Move stopped at 12/9 VPOC. Singles and gap above.

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2011 12 221010
sadly my short order of 1247 was 1 tick short of the entry
cannot tell which way market is moving after the reports
air pocket still sits under 42.50 so that is my magnet...even though we have "FUN" target ideas up at 48 - 51...I just take the signals...the magnets are a bigger picture idea.....if we get the hour high breakout it will be into our key upper zone
wonky. but above VWAP and today's POC, so I assume they determined to take that old POC at 1247. I do not see any news.
Any thoughts?
Scalp day for me fact usually scalp most of December...volume is just too weak for longer term ideas to work. On my sixth and last scalp..only geting 4 ticks on each one but they eventually do add up..
The last few days before Xmas and the week between the holidays is notoriously sluggish. Trading desks are manned with junior traders who have strict instructions to limit their activity(small losses and nervous profits). You need to adjust your expectations to the conditions at hand.
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Della, those who shorted at today's POC, added fuel to this rocket rise.

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2011 12 221231

For clarification, this was NOT today's POC. It was a Naked POC from 12/9/11