ES Wednesday 5-16-12

Here's what I've got as PASR Monkey Levels coming into Wednesday's ES trading as a MAP. Things are a bit erratic currently with news shocks etc. BSBSBS etc. Anyway, hope it's helpful to some.

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es 30m sr for 51612

thanks Edwa....this 1310 - 1311.25 is a key area for me up here and that On high is here also..the last two days any $trin pushes under 55 have led to sellers stepping in so looking to fade up here...watching to see if that plays out today once all the Facebook fluff gets out of the way
any of us short want to see price get under the OR low..otherwise we will have some pain...beyond the OR low we need to resolve those players who created the volume at 1305 today...hopefully that will be a magnet
" the trade remains the same "

all the same incredients were there today that exist everyday. If you look at your one minute volume spikes from yesterdays trade you will see that they all fall into that 1310 - 1311 area. then we factor in the overnight high and we have a great area to work with. The greedy side of me is trying to hold two contracts still thinking about that 1301.50 number and the fact that ranges have been at least 10 points.

Not saying this will be easy as we have the volume COLLECTING at 1305 now and there is no great reason to expect the quick and easy target today or EVER in the ES.

$ticks back making lower lows and lower highs and the $trin is trying to move up......options expiration so anything is expected...

Time for me to get out my Les Paul and pretend I'm Jimmy Page in his hey family is out of the house....for those who care here is link to a great live version of "The trade remains the same"...scroll in about a minute where it really begins......Rock on and have a great weekend all!

Damn, If could play live electric guitar like that I'd quite trading and hit the road...but the thing about this one is that the drums are incredible too...the guy who recorded this snuck in his equipment in a wheelchair taped under his seat with microphones in the arm rests...gotta luve it !!

damn...that was so cool....this calls for a real celebration...time to get out my long haired wig and satin pants......ha...that's a scary thing to think about !!
LOL nice job
nice job bruce

i have four sets of numbers i am looking at if we continue to leak lower over the next couple of days...those are 89-90 (somebody mentioned this in this thread), 86, 80-81 and 75-76...hopefully they will match some of your own numbers
Missed a great 3's trade with exteme tick 1297. Fingers still hurt from knife catching yesterday. :(
Looking for 1340 area as resistance.
it may be hard for ES to get and stay above 1305 today .. opex and the FB event
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I have a 78.6% @ 1293.60 that matches your 1290 area .. thanks

testing 93.50 as I type
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I had retrace area @ 1322 / 1329 ... 1322+1329 = 1325.50 es turned at 1326.50 .. lol .. maybe es will get a running start to move back up .. I just trade what I see .. above 1316 and I am bullish

as I type ES has moved up to that 1329 and stall .. market seems strong
r1 1330.75

dang !!