ES 1/9/13 & 1/10

Here we are again, like groundhog day. Yesterday we probed a little lower into Jan 2nd value area and volume built around the 49 to 49.50 area. Buyers came in late and pushed it back up toward that 52-53 comfort zone. Overnight I show a 56 high, just recently attained. I do show trades later last evening up to 56.75, anyone else got that. Either way it was pushed back down. If we open now it would be above yesterday's value area and the O/N low is at the top of that. Will we retest the 49 area?
I look at yesterday as a failed down auction below a bell curve...MP theory would state that they should try for the other side of that bell curve so I expect last weeks highs to be traded and targeted soon.....

open - test and drive out of value so far today so being more cautious on any selling fades up here
59 - 60 is my first area to look for shorts...knowing that last weeks high is 4 points above here..and this is the plus 4 - 5.5 zone..first POSSIBLE sign of sellers I have seen
quite a challenge as they tested the key 55 I have been watching from a higher open and so far that is holding as support...need to be nimble up here or stand aside on short fades..they are digesting fridays POC !!
trying second short from 59...I need to see them get below 57 ( back inside the O/N highs)and quickly otherwise I think they will go for the obvious of IB high and that high of last week
i hope that the VPOC up at the top range of RTH is a good thing for this short
compare the IB low with the IB shows better impulse so far...ib high has selling impulse and IB low has a matching low ( so not much quickk buying impulse) but we still have lots of work to do in order to actually get to that IB low...

I scaled agressively at the O/N high and trying to hold two contracts for that IB low...there are just too many numbers in the way up here to expect fast trends
Bruce, What do you show for your O/N high?
56.75 ...bkay
Yeah, OK thanks, I had a discrepancy there. Pulling for you on this one.
flat now..just too much time near that O/N high and we are still above most of the critical numbers regardless of my thoughts on the double prints at the IB low
had to revise my magnet price down a bit for today - it is all the On volume is near yesterdays close...I'd like to see a push below 65 to set up the long if we open and don't print the 66.50 first

ideal short will be above 68 ....both trade ideas will work better if we don't print 66.50 first in the day session

secondary support is 62.75

pitbull zones should work well today