ES 1/11/13

gm, numbers i am looking at this am

above: 68, 71.5 (on high), 73.5-74.5, 76.75-78

below: 61.25-63.5 (poc, vpoc, vah and lvn all in that range), 56, 49-50, 44-46

as it stands, we are currently above value so if we were to test that 61.25-63.25 from above and reject it then my higher targets are likely....

if we fail at that area then the mid 50s area is likely to be visited again, with and outside chance of getting back to the low 50s

good luck
if we can get back below 64.50 then I will look for short side again...I tired once and thought I had a good trade but they ran my stop
yes, those lows are sthg that should be repaired...that said, we have tested that critical 61.5-63.5 area i mentioned on my first post and we could well be on our way to taking out the o/n highs and then some (we know they like to do the ramp up when algos take over around lunchtime thru the end of the day)

that was my thesis for today; the one caveat is that i expected a faster rejection, and would have felt much better abt my long had that happened
vpoc just shifted up to 64.5, so we could see some churning around this area...

volume is only 600k thus far...pathetic would be an understatement
bruce, -2.5/-4.0 zone has worked fine so far - to the tick!

Originally posted by BruceM

here is what I posted on the other thread

pitbull zones should work well today

this is just terrible ...when volume becomes this low I trade very small and keep a wider stop...

more important than any of that is having the patience to wait for SOMEBODY else to move the market in our intended direction because it takes so long to make an ok profit when us small players are just battling it out between ourselves.

I think for most it is better to stay out of these fact I'm not planning to play past noon today .

If this trade can break that hour low than it will make it a good far it is just an ok day but that's better than losing...
i truly wish we go down today...i think i couldn't take another slow grind up like yest...
Great..I always like to incorporate the pitbull numbers with other standrad areas of interest...if I had to pick an area to initiate then I like the plus or minus 4 - 5.5 zone the best...

Taking the trades mechanically can be more challenging but the pitbull window can can give you an idea of what should happen....remember that the basic idea is that the market pushes out away from the open print by fixed amounts and then tries to get back to the open...the initial push out sucks in the breakout traders so when they see that the breakout away from the open isn't working they start to cover and helps the market revert back towards the open..

some days they win !

so even though we may not see the open print again we want to take something out of that ATTEMPTED move back towards it...

we take small pieces along the way and we don't get greedy

Most won't look at the pitbull numbers because they seem ridiculous....I thought the same way years ago but I have lots of screen time to see them in action so I proved it to myself that they can work if you keep the framework in mind
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bruce, -2.5/-4.0 zone has worked fine so far - to the tick!

Originally posted by BruceM

here is what I posted on the other thread

pitbull zones should work well today

I'll tell ya Nick..i would have a lot more money in the bank if early in my career I just focused on the first half of the day...

now at least i am smart enough to only trade one or two lots in the afternoon to satify my trading addiction...

Originally posted by NickP

i truly wish we go down today...i think i couldn't take another slow grind up like yest...
it seems like they know we want that hour low and aren't gonna make it easy on us
here is a commercial/webinar I am hoping to listen to today...I'm always on the search for information on order flow and spend 95 % of my xtra time trying to make sense of it ...I assume most know I am not part of either of these vendors but hopefully they may have some ideas...I like Jigsaw in that I have seen him say good things about others and even other orderflow vendors but don't know much else

it is at 1 pm eastern !!! not noon !!

My apologies to all of you.

The webinar below will be at 12pm Central Time which is 1pm Eastern Time.

You can log into the Lounge any time during the day but I thought you should know the actual webinar will be an hour lated.

Sorry about that.



Hi All

This is just a quick note to invite you to a Webinar we'll be holding this Friday, 11th January at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

The webinar will be hosted by Topstep Trader and will be the first of three webinars aimed at demystifying the use of Order Flow in day trading. The goal of this webinar is to introduce Order Flow concepts to people that are not currently using it in their trading as well as bringing a new perspective to those already using Order Flow. We will look at the potential benefits and challenges of using this information (e.g. every trade is a buy and a sell) and we will discuss the mechanics of how price moves and in turn what can stop price from continuing in the current direction. We will discuss how ‘vacuums’ in liquidity create the conditions in which a temporary pullback is inevitable as well as how to distinguish such a pullback from a true reversal. This session will cover mostly theory but we will look at three of the most popular order flow tools – Cumulative Delta, Footprint Charts and The Order Book and briefly discuss the similarities and differences between them. We will have time at the end for Q&A.

Peter Davies will be the presenter and this Webinar is 100% open to the public. It'll be hosted on the Topstep Squawk Radio.

To join the webinar, simply go to the following link

Sign in as a guest and choose the "Lounge' room in order to participate in the Q&A Session following the presentation.

Hope to see you there.

Peter Davies & Ian Leigh
hope it works out for u Bruce...i am out rest of the pm

thanks for all the contributions this week