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ES 1/11/13

gm, numbers i am looking at this am

above: 68, 71.5 (on high), 73.5-74.5, 76.75-78

below: 61.25-63.5 (poc, vpoc, vah and lvn all in that range), 56, 49-50, 44-46

as it stands, we are currently above value so if we were to test that 61.25-63.25 from above and reject it then my higher targets are likely....

if we fail at that area then the mid 50s area is likely to be visited again, with and outside chance of getting back to the low 50s

good luck
I pulled the plug at 64.75 after I got greedy and DIDn't get that low test...perhaps later after lunch and we get some trade below the O/N lows we can try once more....will probably sit it out

approaching the evil 66.50 from the open and the O/N range....
looks like u will need this link for the webinar
one last try for me at 64.25 for that low ......this just kills me !!
this is the time of the day skynet takes over....

i hate it, but have learned not to take any shorts in the early to late hit ratio has improved vastly since then
hope it works out for u Bruce...i am out rest of the pm

thanks for all the contributions this week
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