ES 3-13-13

a couple of mistakes on the things I said....should have been Monday and tuesday and also Flubbed where the VA high was..called it the IB low....but you'll get the idea

47 area is still the magnet and watch for breakouts above 1551 or below 1541 just in case they want to trend
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_3-13-13.swf

not getting greedy in here....this is that high of last week again so I have no clue what will happen from here....keeping all runners tight

my motto for this week is

" too many numbers and too little time "
next target is a test of the IB high...I don't see how I can hold for that except if I get lucky in here and we blow through this magnet zone...

we know they tested the VA low multiple times so lets hope they want to drive higher now.....theory Versus reality !!
while I distract myself while trying to hold this:

Here is a list of numbers in the 46 - 47.50 area

last weeks high

todays open

yesterdays VA high

afternoon pull back high

yesterdays close and POC


I'm sure I missed one or two but you get the point as to why it would have been dangerous to INITIATE in that zone....many times we need to wait for the push away from a magnet before we can trade !

damn - just went flat at 46.50...almost comical to me...
oh yeah..todays pivot point 46.50
oh yeah..yesterdays midpoint....gheesh..when will it end

that's it for me until we get some kind of IB break.

thanks again for the support today
Thanks for your videos and comments

I'll help you out with other names for the 46-47.50 area

46.50 = 50% of yesterday's RTH Range
46.50 = is also 50% of this week's (developing) RTH Range
47.00 = is a 50% range expansion (RTH) of February (JUN contract based)

Many sets of eyes are focused on the level trying to figure out what to do (Me TOO!) HA

other question... You said your VPOC shifted. Was that VP based on everything from yesterday's Close or was it just today's RTH? My RTH only has not shifted.
thanks Paul... I was watching the Time value area so my comment was made when that shifted up...