ES 3-21-13

the number i got are:



my plan today is to buy the rat # 43.75. if that fails i will buy 38 area..sell will be in the 56-58 most of these plans that i write out before the market opens never consider what you pay for this luck everyone
i got gap in data on the 1 min chart at 48.25 that my target if i can hold..
i will exit at 46.50 which is the 22 ema on 5 min chart..
no fill yet..dam limit
there we go here comes 48.25..
112 reads so far and nobody got nothing to
Your doin GREAT!
I had a very exciting trade the other day that I pulled a positive out of... but it scared the bewittles out of me... So I've got the deer in the headlights syndrome today... I'm living vicariously through you today. Building up COURAGE! Thanks for posting duck.
You did a great job, duck.

now, though, I have no idea what will happen
intraday bulls might have had a better (stronger) case if price had stayed above the vwap. Not good for bulls, maybe price visits your 38.00
ya paul samething here..have no idea..if i can guess..i would say the market looks weak..we are going to take out weekly lows at 29..but i dont trade on i will be buying that 38 area..
That was re Cyprus