ES 3-21-13

the number i got are:



my plan today is to buy the rat # 43.75. if that fails i will buy 38 area..sell will be in the 56-58 most of these plans that i write out before the market opens never consider what you pay for this luck everyone
confluence in my mind is the holly get 3 or 4 methods suggusting a number..most times you get reaction..
neutral day now and a bit early for the selloff so I'm hunting longs down here under 41 KNOWING that a target for many will be that volume down at 1538.....this is last weeks LOWS I'm being more selective as I don't want to get caught on the wrong side down

any good long will try to push back up into the 45 - 46 area.....will also try longs at 38 and 34...all trades will be small for me
can't see anything yet... plan is to try long from 37 and use 38.50 as the initial target...will try 3 times down here..air pocket above 40 is ultimate target if we can catch this aggressive trade

tuff trade as we are under last weeks lows too

they don't normally just "V" bottom this time of day so keeping it tight
jump on at 37.75..looking for 1540.50
LVN at 40 and this is a bigger time frame if long I suggest taking something off and then at last weeks lows....

this was my second try on longs.. FYI..and these posts are a bit late..just too fast to trade and post...or perhaps I'm getting rusty !!
out at 40.50..
look where yesterdays O/N low is to today's current RTH low...last target is Vwap and will not hold out for 45 - 46..will be out of ammo
cool ride Duck..sure wish they could all work that fast
done at 43..vwap is .75 away and no place for stop except below last weeks lows again and that's too far
current POC is at 43 too so a logical choice for us MP players
That was re Cyprus