ES 3-21-13

the number i got are:



my plan today is to buy the rat # 43.75. if that fails i will buy 38 area..sell will be in the 56-58 most of these plans that i write out before the market opens never consider what you pay for this luck everyone
I shorted after price started to retreat, but where do you get 46.00?

I had MP VAH at 47.25, VAH of Volume Profile (each one from RTH yesterday) was 46.50

what was 46.00?
(even R1 on RTH only was 46.83)
I have 42.50 - 43 in the way first Duck...just saying...
high volume node was at 46.00 for the current week
BTW, I'm out of that short with only a small profit.
two things is the first..the weekly profile
Click image for original size
back waiting for the 48
and here is second....daily profile set to 5 minutes just so I can see the price at time clusters from each day
Click image for original size

I gotta run out but hoping to be back with a better pic for ya
limit at 48.25 not fill
loss at 49.25
this market looks strong..i say we are headed to 52-53 area..i will try a short i ssaid this..u watch low 30 here we
on the 50.50 short trying to get back to LVN at is why..
That was re Cyprus