ES 3-21-13

the number i got are:



my plan today is to buy the rat # 43.75. if that fails i will buy 38 area..sell will be in the 56-58 most of these plans that i write out before the market opens never consider what you pay for this luck everyone
WHat's going on? did the markets close or did the market throw an anchor line around price at duck's 43.75?

I'm done. Good luck to all
enjoy the day paul..thanks for posting..
anyone notice where today's low is compared to last weeks low...? One of a few reasons I had 43 and 41 on the radar today...look at the current low volume areas...they form on both sides of last weeks RTH low

here is a snapshot of my chart about 15 minutes after today's open
Click image for original size
look where the On low is too..
watching 44.50 - 45 and thinking that it is reversing roles and will turn into support for the hour high run out! that is also the Va high of wednesday
good call bruce on the 45 area.looks like the gap in data at 48.25 is filled..
50.50 is ultimate close will be in the way first...don't want to see price too far under the IB high and this low volume area at 47.50 ..ultimate stop on runners for me is now 46.25...
always watching the ranges and the Va's Duck...then sprinkle in some Volume profile for confluence of the price action
yesterdays close and Va low was /is to stay away from initiating at this 46.25 area....becoming a magnet now
fascinating if you are watching this now how they are battling it out between yesterdays VA low and wednesdays VA high

here is a snap shot..look at E period highs and the current G period lows...then look at the VA's from those days mentioned
Click image for original size
That was re Cyprus