ES 3-21-13

the number i got are:



my plan today is to buy the rat # 43.75. if that fails i will buy 38 area..sell will be in the 56-58 most of these plans that i write out before the market opens never consider what you pay for this luck everyone
nice one bruce
thanks's is crappy and made some mistakes but I just wanted to show the context of the Low and high volume...I am using one minute TIME to simulate the LVn's and HVN's off the weekly

also wanted to show the double IB high test....

I think most get this but it never hurts to review the core concepts....most days I do more review than actual trading...and gladly so as I always want stuff burned into my brain and I forget lots of things
No video below? Try this link: babble.swf

I wouldn't have tried a long in that spot mentioned on the video....I meant to say another short.....I should really make these after the trades are over........sorry about those errors
Hey Bruce

You have mentioned on repeated occassions that you don't like to initiate trades at high volume areas, and it seems today both your trades were at such areas. Can you shed some light on why today was different than those other times?

Thanks for the videos and the educational stuff.

excellent question this case both high volume node shorts were High volume nodes from day sessions and a longer term view so that made these ok...

So I am also looking at each individual day and what happens there....If there is nothing I can see from a day session alone then it becomes a higher risk trade for me and I might still take a trade but it will be with a smaller number of contracts...

always best to do battle where multiple time frames are playing

I hope that makes sense as it is fairly subtle...

and thanks for noticing and remembering ....I always appreciate it when somebody is paying attention to all these ramblings
so here is the market profile lines transposed onto my bar chart....keep in mind this is one minute so sometimes the VA lines are off a bit....but see how just Wednesdays numbers lined up with the Weekly numbers form my other charts I posted today

look at the 49.50 and the 50.50...that is wednesdays lines which we never really traded too yesterday

hope that helps Apk

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volumeprofile daily
Thank you Bruce for the response.
Ready when you are
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