ES 3-27-13

I'm hoping today we open inside a very interesting setup. We have naked POC's as per time at 1546.25 and one up at 1554.50 if looking at just the day session data.....A very high probability that one of those will print in the day session especially if we open up in RTH right in between them.

The POC at 54.50 is real close to last weeks highs at 55.75 and yesterdays Va high and IB high so a logical resistance point if/when we get back to that either today or in a future session. It also has a single print from the O/N session too

The 46 area has an Overnight low and a previous days close nearby so also a strong magnet. The key for me will be the low volume area that sits at 1549 - 1551.50....This includes the Va high from Mondays session...I'm hoping to use that LVN to eventually get one of those old POC's as a ultimate target.

we also have a VPOC at 53.25 and an Overnight single print there a possible stumbling block to reach our 54.50....real tight ranges AGAIN..... but the basic plan is to get one of those POC's

Here is how the Overnight looked a little while ago against the other numbers...I think the key will be on which side of the LVN will we open at
Click image for original size
my last comments were made when they had matching highs but before the IB plan is to try and hold and cover at 53.50 if possible..ahead of the official POC at 54.25...gonna take a small miracle in my world to hold much noise !!
I want to make sure that I understand exactly what you were saying in the last comment on Page 1.

Are you saying that you would expect to see higher highs if the first two 30 minute bars have the exact same High?
that is correct Paul.....we had matching highs up there and we were approaching the completion of the this case they ran out those matching highs before the IB was complete....look at a one minute chart and a price of 49.75.......
that's me done and gone for today....gotta run...hope it plays well for you all from here
thank you for the explanation.

what was your reason to exit on runner at 53.50

I looked at 5m chart and saw air to 53.25
but was it LVN from overnight...LVN on volumeprofile, I haven't started looking at TPO intraday. (I look at yesterday's intraday TPO, but I haven't started looking at intraday TPO for current day.