ES 5-2-13

I think 83.75 will be critical today. Yesterday had a poor high and now the Overnight high is up there too. The selloff happened on low volume So I have a more bullish view today.

Dalton says that most good highs and lows donot happen in the Overnight session so if that is true then the highs up above 1595 will get broken soon. We have a POC at 90.25 too.

My initial plan will be to try and buy the Va low at 81.50 or sell above the VA highs....83.75 is a better target I think but if we open 2 points above that then I will try and buy it. If we open 2 points below it I will try to sell it but these trades will be smaller for me as I don't like buying /selling at POC's

I will be less aggressive on shorts today as I am concerned that if all the shorts get trapped above yesterdays RTH highs than this may move up move further and don't want to be on the wrong side of that.

One additional thing I will watch for is to see if they blow right hrough the VA low into the low volume at 79.50...that may set up a good long to go retest the VA lows ...I will apply this same concept to the 79.50 if they blow through it down to yesterdays lows then I will try to buy down there for the 79.50 retest..

Damn this crap is hard to type...I sure wish my kids would get better for many different reasons.

So much of what trades I will take will depend on where we open in relation to yesterdays VA and things have changed since I started typing this

In general I like to see things open at least 2 points from an area I want to trade from..this way my fades have the possibility to return to the open and get two points of profit

Further down I will try to buy under 1574...hope to do a video later
Thx Bruce for your explanations good stuff
this current 30 minute bar has a matching high and the Value area high is there...not a good way to put in a high...I want to find a place to get I am expecting higher highs still
glad it makes sense Sharks...those written explanations just suck but I can't risk waking up a 4 year old with a 101 fever...all the kids seem to be much better today so hopefully tomorrow will be better
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Thx Bruce for your explanations good stuff
twice the IB comes in at 95.75 and that Overnight high is 95.50...this has happened to me many times and that is the failure to remain this case that double top has me blinded to the long side

I'm trying to buy off this current POC and it is not fun...the afternoon session can be real cruel..they may be just as likely to drive it down so the deeper pockets can buy it up
this buy is just luck if it's so risky buying at a developing I am super small fry of size up here

who will give up first..? us buyers or the sellers..
I'll be stopped at 1590.75..I just can't take the boredom..otherwise I want that double top and 95.50...just not worth it under these conditions..better off going to Vegas...

Just came back from Atantic City playing poker this is about the same thing, sharks trying for the smaller fish
just went flat 2 tics under entry from a what seemed like a long time ago